Grewia fruit healthy food is so good for health

grewia fruit

This is beneficial for health . Grewia fruit is a fruit that is available for a few weeks in the summer and therefore enjoying this period of little sour sweet taste in the mouth. It is better that is, but beyond what is useful Falsa to eat healthy or not? the answer is yes, this fruit is beneficial for health and habits to enjoy this delicious fruit that is why bnalyna cahyy aam as 1.57 grams of protein in 100 gram quantities Falls, 21.1 grams carbohydrates, 136 mg kylsyym, 5.53 grams of dietary fiber, phosphorus 24.2 mg, 1.08 mg iron, 372 mg potassium, 173 mg sodium, 16.11 micrograms of vitamin a, 0.02 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0,264 grams, 0,825 grams and 4.38 grams of vitamin C, vitamin B-3.

Following are the benefits of this fruit.

Different vitamins Acquisition

That vitamin Falls and to provide protection from the weakness in the muscles with vitamins good eyesight and age always important, as well as B vitamins, while 1 offers help to strengthen the heart and nerve functions of muscle weakness from loss, nerve damage and increases the risk of problems like thin pin.

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Vitamin B-2 important for the development of blood cells and metabolism in which the acquisition is also possible falls apart eggs, spinach and almonds, vitamin B and 3 offers help in stabilizing the coronary arteries and metabolism system cholesterol level balance is established. Vitamin C is a vitamin which is important for the immune system and is believed that vitamin C can provide protection or relief from common seasonal diseases of rich foods.

Reduce the respiratory system diseases

Falls juice or juice drink respiratory problems such as asthma, common cold may be helpful in bringing relief to colds and other.

Useful for muscles

Is there potassium and protein Grewia who provide nutrients to help strengthen these muscles to improve function.

Physical energy

It is also a good source of protein and fruit helps the body get more energy from protein.

Good for the digestive system healthy

Falls in the fiber system can be beneficial for the nausea, abdominal pain and other digestive problems, take a daily habit to drink fruit juice for this purpose.

Excellent for heart health

Falls is a worm and worm attack is believed to increase the risk of heart disease important factor, which is why it falls to the food habits can improve heart health.

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Useful for diabetics

Glysmk index (GI) is a tool which is based on the impact on rate bldsugr’s diets. It consists scale of zero to 100, while zero represents no effect of any 100 represents the effects of pure sweetness. Grewia that can be considered harmful, but it’s not food for the diabetics to lower blood sugar numbers in the index to help control metabolism.

The lack of blood

The fruit is also iron and iron deficiency anemia face if it can be somewhat helpful in overcoming this. I know that there is no harm from eating the seed falls.