The Internet that can easily earn millions of rupees a month

Internet earning

Jobs on the Internet that can easily earn millions of rupees a month

Source: Tik Tok / your career sister

This is the age of the internet and today people are earning a decent income from the internet without any skills. A recruiter has mentioned some of these professions, which do not require any special skills, but you can earn millions of rupees a month from them. According to The Sun, the following are the details of the professions mentioned by this female recruiter on the tick talk account @yourcareersister:

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Product Data Analyst

Product Data Analyst typically works for an application or platform where it has to analyze how successful that application or platform is going to be and what parts of it the users are interacting with the most. ۔ A product data analyst can earn more than Rs.60,000 a year.

Marketing Manager in Emerging Markets

A job as a marketing manager in a global company is one such profession with an average salary of 38,000 a year.

UX Design

In the UX Design (User Experience design) job you have to establish a link between the user and the product. This product can be a website, an application or even a coffee machine. The average annual salary for this job is Rs.50,000.

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LCA Consultant

LCA Consultant (Life Cycle Assessment Consultant) is a job in the sustainability industry in which you have to analyze the carbon footprint of a product. The average annual salary for this job is up to Rs.30,000. According to the female recruiter, you do not need any special education for all these jobs. Whatever degree you have, you can be involved in any of these professions. Even if you don’t have a degree, you can still earn money from these jobs