5 of the Best TV shows you need to watch in October


5 of the Best TV shows you need to watch in October

Are you seeking the best tv shows to watch in October? Despite the ongoing writer's strike, several new shows were completed before the strike began,

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Are you seeking the best tv shows to watch in October? Despite the ongoing writer’s strike, several new shows were completed before the strike began, as well as the return of popular programs for recent seasons. In October, many tv shows exist, including comedies, dramas, and the return of one of the finest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) television series.

We are here to assist you if you do not know where to begin or what has been delayed or will be released on time. Here is a list of five Best TV shows you should observe in October.

Here are the 5 Best TV shows in October

Our Flag Means Death season 2 (October 5)

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 - Umgeeks

This month marks the return of the second season of this period romantic comedy. Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death follows the misadventures of a wealthy landowner-turned-pirate named Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew, including their encounter with pirate commander Blackbeard (Taika Waititi of Thor: Love and Thunder). It is loosely based on the exploits of the gentleman pirate Bonnet.

Set in the early 18th century, Our Flag Means Death has been praised for its LGBTQ+ representation, comedic flair, and endearing ensemble and plot.

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Lupin season 3 (October 5)

Lupin Season 3 Coming Soon in October 2023 - Umgeeks

Omar Sy returns as the master pickpocket and ever-charming Assane Diop. As an adolescent, Assane’s father was falsely accused of stealing an expensive necklace from his employer and ultimately hanged himself in prison. Assane’s father once gave him a book about the fictional master thief Arsène Lupin, which inspired the young man to begin carefully formulating his plan.

The plot of Lupin follows Assane 25 years after his death. Now a skilled thief, he sets out to exact revenge on a wealthy family for the unjust arrest and murder of his father. Assane is charismatic, courteous, and a master of disguise; consequently, no one sees him approaching. This is a highly binge-able series, so you can watch the first two seasons in time for the third. If you are already a fan, prepare to continue viewing the most recent season.

Loki season 2 (October 6)

 Loki Season 2 | October 6 on Disney+ - Umgeeks

Loki (Tom Hiddleston), one of several Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series and a part of Phase Four, traveled through time in the first season. He was confronted with a seemingly straightforward choice: be obliterated from existence or assist in correcting the timeline. However, nothing is short for the God of Mischief.

In the second season, Loki teams up with Time Variation Authority (TVA) agents in a “battle for the soul.” He travels through the multiverse searching for other characters, such as Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Miss Minutes (Tara Strong), the actresses who portray Ravonna herself. Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, who represent Mobius M. Mobius, stand out in this superhero series.

Lessons in Chemistry (October 13)

Lessons in Chemistry — First Look | Apple TV+ - Umgeeks

Brie Larson of The Marvels portrays Elizabeth Zott in this drama based on the same-titled novel by Bonnie Garmus. Set in the 1950s, it follows Elizabeth, a talented young woman who dreams of one day becoming a scientist. In the patriarchal society where she resides, it is difficult for her to pursue such a prominent career.

After being fired from her lab, Elizabeth utilizes her new television cooking show host position to impart valuable lessons to viewers. However, they are not only about preparing cakes. She uses her platform to find creative ways to educate homemakers and their spouses watching from home about much more than cooking.

Lessons in Chemistry is poised to become another popular series for Apple TV+ as it tells the story of a strong woman who, against all odds, makes others listen.

Upload season 3 (October 20)

Upload' Season 3 Officially Begins at Prime Video - UmGeeks

Imagine a world where death is technically unnecessary. You can transmit your consciousness to a digital afterlife where you continue to exist forever. So long as your family and loved ones can provide the necessary funds for your extended stay. Planning a digital afterlife is like planning a retirement in the real world, and options range from top-end opulent resorts to slums. Each uploaded individual possesses their own body, is served by a human caretaker, and earns credits when loved ones send them money.

The plot of Upload revolves around Nathan (Robbie Amell), a late-20s man killed in a car accident. Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), his wealthy and obsessive fiancée, uploads him to a lavish afterlife community, but not everything is perfect. Upload is a sci-fi comedy-drama that satirizes our real-world fixation with technology, instant gratification, and commercialism while addressing serious issues such as social and economic inequality. Nathan’s existence in a world he can’t escape while coping with various existential crises will leave you in fits of laughter.

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