10 Weird Chinese Vomiting Foods

Chinese Vomiting Foods

China is famous all over the world for its weird and vomiting foods. It is said that there is nothing that the Chinese do not eat. Favorite Chinese dishes range from bird’s nest soup to dog meat. Here we are telling you about 10 Chinese foods that you will never want to eat.


It is one of the most popular street foods in China. The lamb is cut into pieces and put in a stick, then grilled and served hot with sauce.

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Bird’s nest soup

This nest soup made from bird saliva is eaten with chitkhara in China. In China, it is believed that the saliva of this bird or the nest soup made from saliva makes the skin beautiful. Some people are also obsessed with its unique taste. A good type and a nest weighing just a few hundred grams can cost up to 100 100 or 500 500.

Chile Rabbit Head

The rabbit’s head is very popular in Chengdu Province. However, it is low in flesh and high in fat.

Chicken testicles

In Hong Kong restaurants you will find chicken testicles on the menu card. These testicles look like big white beans. They are served boiled or fried. They are served in broth with rice or noodles. In Hong Kong, people like to have a bowl of chicken testicles for dinner.


The whale is a baby duck whale that is just growing into an egg. It is boiled in eggs and eaten as soon as it is boiled. That is, the egg shell is removed, but not the shell. Apart from China, it is also a common dish in other countries like Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.


Chinese people like to eat fried spider in their snacks. This is one of their favorite snacks. It is put in a stick and eaten with chili sauce.

Snake and bat soup

Daily Chinese meals include snake and bat soup. It is believed that it provides the body with all the nutrients it needs.

Roasted Street Bird

In China, pigeons or other birds are eaten fried whole. It is marinated before frying, so that it tastes good.

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Dog meat

In China, dog meat is also eaten with great relish and is in great demand. Dog meat sellers in China pick up stray dogs from the streets themselves or sometimes they are stolen from people’s homes or bought from the owner. Not only this, the Dog Meat Festival is also celebrated for 10 days every year in Yulin Province, China. During this time more than 5,000 dogs are killed and their meat is sold.